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What Cleaning Products Should You Use In Your Living Room? What Cleaning Products Should You Use In Your Living Room? 12 March 2014

Your living room should be a clean, tidy and welcoming environment for you, your family and your guests. Although you might think that you’re going to need thousands of cleaning products to keep your living room in shape, there are just a few essential products that will do the job that you want and need. Here’s a list of the basic cleaning products that you should have in your home in order to keep your living room clean!

1)    Steam cleaner.

Steam cleaners can be expensive, but if you can afford it then they’re definitely worth investing in! Steam cleaners use steam to kill bacteria and germs and leave your soft furnishing fully sanitised. They’re a great way to combat both germs and odours, and are perfect for your sofa, curtains, carpets, rugs and so much more! If purchasing a carpet cleaner is a little out of your budget then why not try renting one on a short-term basis instead?

2)    Carpet cleaner.

There are lots of different carpet cleaning and carpet stain removal products available on the market today, and the range of choices can be overwhelming. All you need for your carpets is a stain remover that isn’t going to tarnish your floors. Find one that you think is appropriate for your needs and test is on an area of carpet that isn’t visible so that you can make sure it isn’t going to cause any damage. Always follow the instructions on the label and make sure to take the proper precautions!

3)    Duster.

A duster is a classic cleaning utensil that your home truly can’t do without. Try using one with an extendable pole so that you can reach into the high corners of your living room. Don’t forget to dust above and around your light fittings too, as these areas can get incredibly grimy!

4)    Glass cleaner.

Whether you have glass furniture, glass doors or glass windows, a good glass cleaner is essential for your living room. Use paper rather than a cloth and find a glass cleaner that guarantees no streaks. Gently buff at your glass with the cleaner and paper using small circular motions and you’ll find yourself with the cleanest windows, doors and furniture imaginable!

5)    Polish.

If you have real wooden furniture in your living room then polish is a must-have cleaning product. From coffee tables to bookcases, polish will make quick work of any wooden items you might have and will leave them looking fantastically clean. Use small amounts of product and a soft cloth to get the best possible results.

6)    Carpet deodoriser.

Living rooms are oftentimes the busiest room in your home, and all that traffic can lead to unpleasant odours in your carpet. No matter how often you vacuum or clean, sometimes dirt and grime is so deep-set that it’s almost impossible to lift, and this can cause unwanted smells! Try sprinkling down a carpet deodorising powder and leave it to sit before vacuuming away. The powder will soak up any odours from your floors and leave behind a fresh and clean smell that will leave your living room feeling fresh and clean. If you’re not a fan of manufactured scents then you can do the same trick with bicarbonate of soda. This will lift scents but won’t leave anything behind – perfect for those with an aversion to the smells of cleaning products!

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