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       The cleaner was very thorough and organized. The service from Cleaning Company Camden was fast, dependable, and professional. They have very reasonable prices. Highly recommend them.    
Susana B.18/07/2024

       The team had a very quick response time and did a fantastic job. Professional in every sense, cleaned to a high standard, and were both friendly and reassuring. We'll use them again if necessary.    
Francine Long08/07/2024

       The efficiency in their home cleaning service was noticeable.    
Ernest S.20/06/2024

       As usual, top-notch service from CleanersCamden. I'm very satisfied with the cleaning.    
L. Brady10/06/2024

       It couldn't have been easier to schedule frequent cleanings with this company and the friendly and professional cleaner they provided did an impeccable job.    

       I am thankful to have had such an efficient administrative team to help me find a candidate.    

       It's rare to find a company like CleanersCamden, who not only offers an excellent deep cleaning service but also cares about details and punctuality, as proven by my experience on Monday.    
Samuel Martinez11/04/2024

       Each and every time, I am blown away by the results provided by Cleaning Company Camden.    

       This company sets a high standard for efficiency in their industry. The individual responsible for cleaning our carpets today was on schedule, kind, and showed great courtesy throughout the entire process. Definitely recommend this establishment and will use their services again in the future.    
Peter G.11/03/2024

       I was thoroughly impressed by the level of professionalism and expertise displayed by Camden Cleaners's stellar cleaner.    

       Despite any initial hesitations, the team delivered superb results.    
Sally Emerson19/02/2024

       Superb service, my carpets have never looked this good thanks to CleanersCamden's outstanding work.    
Vanessa Leon09/02/2024

       Reliable cleaner providing prompt and efficient cleaning service, with great attention to customer needs.    
Lilah J.30/01/2024

       The service from CleanersCamden was exemplary - their cleaner was there when expected and did an impeccable job cleaning our kitchen and living room, leaving it looking spectacular!    
Diana Prince02/08/2023

       The team at Camden Cleaners never fails to produce amazing results no matter what job I have them do for me - and all done with a very high level of skill and dedication too!     
Paula F.23/02/2023

       Camden Cleaners are so helpful. Not only do they bring their own equipment and products to do my domestic cleaning, they don't even charge extra for it. Makes it so cheap.    
Logan Dawson28/11/2018

       A definite 10/10 in my books. Cleaners Camden did everything they could to help me when I needed a last minute carpet cleaning, and did an amazing job too. The team are great, their prices are cheap and they get the job done, can't ask for more.    
S. Emerson13/12/2017

       A hard working team and an honest company that offers low prices. I will certainly hire Cleaning Company Camden in the future if I ever need help with home cleaning again.    
James Ghent15/09/2017

       Very impressed by the cleaners at Camden Cleaners - fast, efficient and trustworthy, a great team altogether!    
V. Hanford31/05/2016

       I searched online for a cleaning company to clean my home, and I came across Camden Cleaners. I was keen to try them based on their reviews, and when I spoke to the company I found them to be very helpful and friendly. I was given a really affordable quote and when it came to the day of the service I found that my cleaner was just as friendly. She worked really hard and when it was finished it looked fantastically clean. I'm now hiring this company for home cleaning regularly, and I couldn't be more pleased!    
Harriet A.14/10/2015

       I find myself passing along recommendations a lot these days, but it' always for the same company. I've been working with Camden Cleaners for a while now, I can't remember exactly when it was the first time I hired them. Either way, I'll not be opting for anyone else any time soon. Really expert service which always goes that extra mile to keep people happy. Nice to see a customer focused business for once, rather than these other options. Give them a call if you want a great bit of help.    
Ada Freeman07/01/2015

       My mum's windows would get dirty easily and she is unable to clean them. Wanting her house to stay pleasant, we called up Camden Cleaners for help. Their staff were able to run through things for us and we quickly got to grips with. We were happy with what they offered, so we hired them. Within the week, they came to my mum's house and made the windows spotless. We were pleased with the result and now they tackle the window cleaning every week.    
Kevin Baxter18/12/2014

       I didn't want to spend all my spare time cleaning and someone advised me to use Camden Cleaners for my house cleaning. They have done an excellent job for me and they are reliable, hardworking and very professional. The cleaners who have come to clean for me have all the cleaning products they need which means that I don't need to go out and buy anything at all and the standard of the cleaning they do is really good - I never find any spots that have been missed and the place always feels great when I come back after they have cleaned.    

       My car needed a good going over and Camden Cleaners was a lot cheaper than what the garage was charging down the road. So in the end I gave them a bell and they were fantastic! One of the things that I liked especially was that it didn't feel like I was talking to a robot on the phone! That winds me right up, press this press that... I've been telling all of my mates to use these guys because they're really good at what they do and the prices are great. Sorted my car right out and didn't even blink an eye lid. Top cleaner, low price, no way I can complain about that!     
Trevor H.23/10/2014

       My work makes keeping on top of my home's cleanliness difficult to say the least, but that doesn't mean I have to deal with it. A house that's untidy just isn't acceptable, especially for someone who holds regular get togethers like me. That's why I hired Camden Cleaners and never looked back. Their prices are affordable, and their service is top notch - the staff have an impressive eye for detail, and can be depended on with no problems! I would never switch companies, even if my budget increased. Why should I pay more when I can get high quality for less?    
Jim Y.21/08/2014

       I've been training for my triathlon recently so any free time I've had, I've spent training. I got really tired of my house suffering so I decided to look into hiring a cleaner. I'd never hired a cleaner before so choosing the right one was a very hard decision. After a few hours of comparing companies, I called Camden Cleaners to see what they could do for me. They advertised a very low cost and a bunch of really good reviews and after the first visit; I can see why everyone loved them so much! My cleaner was prompt, knew what she was doing and the cost was incredible!    
Martin V.16/07/2014

       What was really great about Camden Cleaners is that their cleaners really went that extra mile for me and my apartment. When they arrived they brought all of the best products and equipment for a really comprehensive clean that included carpet and rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning as well as all of the typical services offered by a cleaning company. My home was quite literally sparkling and I was reluctant to make a mess of it for weeks to come. I have now booked a regular service and I love my free time. When I come home from work I can relax!    
Gary Jones30/06/2014

       I have always hated cleaning my house, so I decided that I would get someone else to do it. I contacted Camden Cleaners to see what they could do for me and I was happy with what I heard. I hired one of their team to come once a week and after seeing the great job they provide, I moved it up to every week. The cleaner will tackle dust, dirt, stains, clutter, litter and more, leaving my house looking great without me ever needing to do a thing. I'd definitely endorse them for anyone who can't stand cleaning their home.    
Miriam L.20/06/2014

       If you are ever looking for help getting your carpets cleaned, then I would definitely recommend Camden Cleaners. We have had our carpets cleaned a number of times in the past and I can't remember a time when they've ever been quite as clean and as fresh feeling as they are now. Most people ignore their carpets when it comes to deep cleaning, but getting them properly cleaned can make such a big difference to your home. I'd suggest you give it a go and these guys are the best choice when it comes to getting it done professionally.    
Catherine Clark04/06/2014

       If you are the type that needs a cleaner to take care of their place, then you are the type that will, like me, love Camden Cleaners. I have been using them for a while, and they have only ever given me a good time, ensuring that the place looks its best all throughout the week, and avoiding the need for emergency cleaning if I am having people round! I love entertaining, but I couldn't do it if the place were a mess. Luckily, it never is, and I have the cleaners to thank for that!    
Elizabeth Watson14/05/2014

       Having taken the time to ensure that my house is amazing in terms of the interior design, I now find myself working over time to try and keep up the massive mortgage that I've got myself into! Obviously, this means that I never have time to clean, so the place is never looking tis best! I use Camden Cleaners to get the place looking great when I am unavailable, and I would strongly advise anyone in a similar position to do exactly the same if they need a good clean for a great price.    
Hubert Hopkins29/04/2014

       Thank the lord for this magnificent cleaning service! We live in a typical University flat full of young lads and after 3 months the cleaning rotas had all been ignored, many parties had been thrown and the place was not looking (or smelling) like a very desirable pad. Out of interest we called a few cleaning companies to see how much a cleaner would cost once a week to look after our home. We went with Camden Cleaners because they were the cheapest and their service was fantastic. The cleaner had a great laugh with us all and we always made her a fresh coffee!    

       I have used many companies in the past but none of them compare to the fantastic services offered by Camden Cleaners. They are affordable cleaners who are trained to clean both homes and offices. I myself have used both their home and office cleaning services and I have to say that each is as good as the other. Attention to detail is something that the cleaners focus on which means that even the smallest things will be cleaned. I could not think of a better cleaning company, even if I tried! I have recommended them to my daughter and she has been using them to clean her office for months as well - she is very pleased too.     
Hannah W.27/03/2014

       Lots of my friends use professional cleaning companies to keep their homes clean, but it wasn't until I got promoted at work and found myself too busy for cleaning that I decided to look into hiring a cleaner. I contacted Camden Cleaners first as they have great online reviews and my friends that use this company had only good things to say. After hiring their services on a regular basis, I can honestly say that I understand what all the fuss is about! It's great having a house that's as clean as my cleaner leaves it, and I could never do such a good job in a million years! Thanks!    

       Good things are worth shouting about, and where office cleanliness is concerned, Camden Cleaners are the bee's knees. They have been our main cleaning contractor for 17 months now and they never disappoint. Our office stays at an extremely high level, and all the staff appreciate the hard work that must go into keeping it that way. It took us a long time to find these guys, and so I thought it right that I put my personal recommendation out there in the hope that other business owners will read this and contact these guys rather than wasting time elsewhere. Good.    
J. Billingham30/01/2014

       I am so pleased with Camden Cleaners and the way their professional cleaners got to work on my home. I was so impressed that I just had to write a review and thank the company for their really effective and wonderful service! From the minute my cleaners arrived they did nothing but work and work until my home looked like something from a film. I was thrilled - especially since I've been let down by so many home cleaning companies in the past. I'll definitely be using this service again and I've told all of my friends about it too!    
Helen A.20/01/2014

       I recently was quite ill and couldn't manage all the cleaning that needed to be done in my house. I wanted to find a reliable and trustworthy cleaner who'd be able to tackle all of the big and small jobs in my house. I managed to find exactly what I was looking for with Camden Cleaners. They offer a friendly and cheap service that's exactly what it says on the tin. I didn't want my illness to get in the way of having a clean and tidy house to show off to my friends, and it definitely didn't!    
Elizabeth Davidson17/12/2013

       As a tenant on a budget I always need to secure full return of my security deposit. Having the time to bring your old property back to life isn't always possible however, so when I moved last month I decided to enlist the end-of-tenancy cleaning services of Camden Cleaners. They did a superb job for a fraction of my deposit - the rental agency even commented on just how shiny the house had been returned to them in! Needless to say my deposit was returned without any issue, which as many of you will know is pretty unusual. Thanks Camden Cleaners!    
D. Avery29/11/2013

       Cleaning is not my strong suit, so I have always used a professional cleaner. In a way, it means that I do not have to worry about whether the job is being done properly, as I am assured that the professional status of the cleaner means that all of the dirt and dust is being tackled effectively. Camden Cleaners have been doing my domestic clean for the last six months, and I am really pleased with how they have worked so far. Highly recommended.    
G. Alen19/11/2013

       I had concerns about using a cleaning company, as I have a lot of very important art and furniture in the house. I have been collecting such things for a very long time, and while there are no Picasso paintings in the house, there are pieces that are extremely special to me. Camden Cleaners seemed to understand this, and took special care in how they cleaned the house, using all natural cleaning products that I specified to them, and being very gentle when moving things about. They did a great job, and I will be using them again.     
Greta Knowles09/11/2013

       Camden Cleaners are the best cleaning company I've found after years of searching. I used to change company every six months, always managing to find some fault. Maybe they didn't mop properly or kept missing corners. I'm quite particular like that. But anyway, Camden Cleaners gave me none of those worries. Every time I walk around the house after they've been, I cannot find a single thing wrong. I've been looking quite hard! So thought it was only fair to write out my praises for all to see. Thanks, Camden Cleaners, your workers are the best I've ever had.    
K. Campbell24/10/2013

       I want to tell everyone. My friends have been having a go at me, ‘shut up' ‘be quiet' ‘it's all you ever talk about', but I need to tell everyone. I just can't stop talking about the guys from Camden Cleaners. I used to have to spend half of everyday cleaning up after the family, trying to find enough hours in the day. But once someone put me in touch with this company, those days were over. I bet my friends wish I'd never found them, the amount I talk about Camden Cleaners, but I've turned at least three friends on to the amazing service.    
Tamara G.14/10/2013

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