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Tips for the Perfect Patio! Tips for the Perfect Patio! 18 September 2014

Most gardens have a patio, some may only have a little courtyard either way they all need a clean from time to time but do we really need to go out and buy expensive equipment and detergents to do it?Absolutely not! You can clean patios and courtyards fairly easily when you know how.Let’s find out how to do it,BE EFFICIENT!If you want to be efficient installing a 'water but' is the most effective way to do it, water buts collect rain water and when it comes to cleaning a patio it will require lots of rinsing, a water bit is ideal for this.REGULAR SWEEPING!Regular sweeping will help to prevent areas becoming difficult to clean because when a patio is never swept it will obtain a build up of dirt and sometimes this can be difficult to shift. Aim to sweep the patio or courtyard at least once per week.OCCASIONAL HOSING!Occasional hosing helps to prevent the build up of dirt, although hosing is not efficient due to the amount of water they waste if you were to hose water plants and grass anyway, you may as well offer the patio a little wash at the same time.BLEACH WASHBleach washing is perfect for cleaning patios, if you prefer to use a patio cleaning solution rather than bleach you can do so using the same technique.For this you will need;-A bucket of water with a little bleach mixed into it. -A hard sweeping brush, hard bristles are better than soft ones because they are more abrasive and more effective at tackling stubborn areas. -Weed killer or weed removing tools are optional but for the best results it’s recommended that weeds are removed prior to cleaning the patio and if a weed killer is used during the process it helps to prevent them from coming back.-A hose pipe for rinsing the patio is optional, you can rinse with buckets of water or even rain water if you prefer.HOW TO CLEAN!•    Sweep away all loose debris and dirt before you begin to get the surface as clean as possible.•    Remove all weeds and the roots or else they may come back, you may wish to use weed killer at this point to make it easier.•    Fill a bucket with water and mix some bleach into it, about a cup per bucket.•    Start dipping the sweeping brush into the bucket and scrub the whole patio, slab by slab!•    For stubborn areas of dirt, use a little neat bleach to help clean it off.•    Rinse everything several times and keep rinsing until the patio runs clear because left over bleach marks can create stains and uneven patches on the patio.And that all there is to it, some people may prefer jet washing or special cleaners but for a quick fix the above method will work perfectly fine and you will notice a remarkable difference to the appearance of the patio using this method.TOP TIPS; For the best results its recommended that this cleaning technique is applied regularly, try to clean the patio every month during summer and every two to three months throughout the rest of the year and this should be enough to keep it clean and fresh looking.Clean up spills and pet mess as when it occurs to prevent staining to the slabs of the patio, and sweep it after children have been playing because children and pets tend to move dirt around on their feet and they may bring dirt off the garden onto the patio, if swept regularly you can prevent stains and build up.

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