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Daily Cleaning Tips For Tricky Situations Daily Cleaning Tips For Tricky Situations 12 November 2014

When you are going about cleaning your house, you definitely don’t have the time to look at a bunch of lists in the middle of chores. But for those occasions when you are overwhelmed by the amount of work you have to do to get your house clean, you might want to have a list handy to help you get through the day. Here are some efficient cleaning routines to follow when you are cleaning for a special event.When you are expecting visits•    Make a clear assessment about how much time you have before the guests are at your front door and prioritize your cleaning schedule accordingly.•    The first room that you need to clean, irrespective of whether the guests are long-term or short-term, is the bathroom.•    Next prioritize cleaning of rooms according to where they are likely to spend more time. Make a list of what needs to be done in each room and then get about doing it. Ask your family to help if there is too much work and too little time.•    Walk around the house and stash away or dispose of stuff that is lying around. This includes clothes, dead plants, work papers, broken toys, unwashed dishes, food wrappers or bits of food, etc. •    Clean the kitchen after you are done cooking, because whether you want it or not, one or more of your guests will find their way to the kitchen.•    If you are short on time and cannot clean thoroughly, opt for a quick vacuum followed by a wipe down the surfaces. If you can’t get rid of stains easily, cover them with a cloth or decorative item.•    Deodorize your house with an air spray, especially if it has been raining lately.When you are having a party•    Make sure your upholstery and carpets are covered with protective covers or sprays, because whether you want it or not, someone is going to spill something.•    Remove all breakables out of the way, especially in the high traffic areas such as the living room and the dining room.•    Lay down a table cloth to prevent the dining table from being stained and provide coasters for the living room table.•    Clean your bathrooms as the guests are probably going to use it, more when they have had a drink or two. Install a fragrance plug in the bathroom if possible.•    If you are falling behind on the cleaning schedule because you have to cook or prepare for the party, use the decorations to hide the slob.When cleaning your house with kids•    To prevent your kids from messing up the house further, involve them in the cleaning process by giving them weekly chores to do.•    Teach them to pick up their toys and schoolwork after them, and to occasionally organize their desks.•    Ask them to do small chores like change the litter box, take out the garbage or refill the pet’s water can.•    Organize a system by which you can reward the kids when they get the job done.•    Teach them to not to disturb things that are not theirs, for example your work files or their elder sibling’s room. •    Make them pick their clothes after they have taken them off and put it in the hamper. If they are old enough, they should be taught about how to do the laundry themselves. •    Ask them to make sure their room is clean and tidy before they retire for the night.Note that if you have let go of your house for a long time, there is probably quite a mess that has gathered. It would be a good idea to hire a professional cleaning agency to clean the house thoroughly for you. Then you can take over and maintain that level of cleanliness.

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