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8 Easy Tips for a Spotless Kitchen 8 Easy Tips for a Spotless Kitchen 18 June 2015

Kitchens are one of the most popular rooms in the house so it is important to keep it looking presentable. Cleaning services can rent out various tools to help you with cleaning your kitchen if you are lacking in equipment, otherwise you can dive straight into the deep end and begin transforming your kitchen.

1. Cutlery
Wash your cutlery in the sink using washing up liquid and warm water. You can use a regular scrubber for this job or a dish cloth for a more precise clean. If you want your cutlery to shine extra bright for a special occasion then try using some polish to really add a touch of glamour to your dinner parties.

2. Oven Cleaning
Oven cleaners are the quickest solution towards a clean oven. Spray it evenly on the walls, ceiling, bottom and door of the oven so that all areas are equally covered. Leave this to set for a minimum of 30 minutes. Read the label for specific instructions and guidelines which will tell you how to use the product in more detail.

3. Spotless Floors
Use your favourite detergent on the floor to mop away any spill stains or footprint marks which may be visible. For an extra shine, try using a little soda and warm water. A common thought is that a clean floor will make the entire room appear cleaner and this couldn’t be truer, especially in regards to kitchen cleaning.

4. Tidy Table
The kitchen table should be wiped down with a damp cloth after each mealtime to maintain a tidy kitchen. If you have guests over for dinner, make sure there is enough place settings for everyone and that all of the cutlery has been properly washed and dried beforehand.

5. Clean Counters
Preparing food on a clean counter is important to avoid germs and bacteria. Keep your kitchen counters clear and wipe them down regularly with a disinfectant. Take a clean damp cloth and wipe down smaller kitchen appliances such as the toaster, kettle, microwave and coffee maker.

6. Empty Sink
To keep your house clean make sure to do the dishes right after dinner to avoid a huge pile up of dirty dishes. They instantly make the room look messy and can be a very unattractive sight. For this reason, it is best to keep up with the dishes and wipe the sink down with a cloth afterwards.

7. Organized Cabinets
Kitchen cabinets can become overloaded with plates, cups and glasses. If you never use all of those plates then it may be time to put some into storage. This will free up some space in your cabinets, allowing for easier access. Keep the glasses in one side of the cabinet and the plates and bowls on the other side to help keep the place as organized as possible.

8. Fridge Cleaning
Out-of-date food will cause your fridge to smell bad and the only way to defeat the smell is to take all of the food out and wash the fridge with a clean damp cloth and washing up liquid. There are some special cleaning sprays specifically designed to clean kitchen appliances so feel free to use one of these when washing your fridge. Remove the shelves and wash them separately to make the job easier on yourself. Rinse them with warm water to remove suds and leave to air dry.

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